Exhibition preview

The new Drawing Women’s Cancer exhibition at Cardiff Central Library is getting closer and I am still working on some of the drawings. I have been in theatre several times during the last few weeks and have spoken with the patients both before and after their operations. My presence during the procedures has made my appreciation and understanding of their experiences, as they tell me in their own time and own words, so much the richer. The project is gaining a lot of interest, both in the UK and in the States. I gave presentations at Glasgow University and, most recently at Swansea University and the work was well received at both venues. I have been invited to return to Galveston in May to continue writing up Speaking the Unspeakable so look out for more posts from across the water!

In the meantime please, if you can, come see the show in Cardiff. I will of course put up some photographs of the event as it happens. For the time being, here is a quick preview.

This project…
is about experience – the profound human experience of negotiating the physical and emotional balance between sickness and health.
This project…
is an initiative developed through a unique collaboration between an artist and a surgeon to address, through visual art, the reality of experience when the subtle balance of life is tipped by the onset of disease.
This project…
is about the lives of women who have suffered, are still suffering and are yet to suffer the impact of gynaecological disease. It is not so much about the disease itself, the etiological world of causes and symptoms, or the biomedical intervention that is the treatment regime; it is more about what it feels like when all sense of normality, and all the expectations of a future that accompany good health, suddenly become submerged in degrees of suffering that impact both on the individual, and on the people who care for and about her.
This project…
is about the experience of illness, where that experience overrides all others. It is about creating a language that has the power to speak, not necessarily for the women whose personal stories are taken as the basis for what is shown here, but rather because of them.
This project…
is because there is a need for all women who are suffering to be heard.

See you there!


2 thoughts on “Exhibition preview

  1. Hi Kay
    Thanks for your comment. We would certainly love to tour the exhibition as it would be great to expand this major part of the project outwith Wales. Funding is a problem however as at the moment we are doing it with very limited financial support. I will of course post images of the show in situ on the blog here.
    I visited your site by the way, I find the stitched pieces quite stunning.

  2. I find these images so moving and they convey a profound experience which goes beyond words. Any plans to tour it? It would be great to see these images in the North East of England.

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