Notes from Galveston 2014 (week 1)

Back in Galveston! Invited again by the wonderful folk at the University of Texas Centre for Medical Humanities to spend another month working here on the Drawing Women’s Cancer project. I am delighted to be back on the island where the tropical  flowers are blooming and the seabird population seems to have doubled from last time! Black headed gulls with beautiful red legs and bills predominate,  and the brown pelicans of course that skim across the water in the evening.

Black-headed gullI am full of plans for how to use the month. It feels good to be able to take a step back after the excitement of the last exhibition in Cardiff. It ended only as I left and it was very successful I feel in terms of the impact it seemed to make on those who visited it or saw the blog posts. The evening of the talk to accompany the show was very moving – a huge thank you to those of you who were there. Many of the women I have been talking with were able to attend – and what they had to say was far more profound than anything I had prepared. They (you) are the heart of the project.

Subjectivity now is the key….last time I was here I did a mountain of background research and this has given me the resources, along with the equally high mountain of personal notes I have made throughout the project to write and focus on this area. Having attended theatre over the past few weeks, I am exploring subjective narratives based on these experiences and I am set to do a colloquium presentation her in the University based on the theme, so, more to come!




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