updates and a new direction: Drawing Women’s Cancer continues…

cropped-untitled-1.jpgUp to now we have been focusing primarily on gynaecological cancers, and I am in the process of writing a book that will be a work of creative non-fiction in collaboration with one of the women I worked with from the very beginning. Lets for now call her ‘B’. She has suffered the trauma of vulval cancer and has written her own very personal and emotional narrative of her experiences and  it is a privilege to  be working with her.

More of this later as the work progresses, but at the same time the Drawing Women’s Cancer project is developing  towards a focus on breast cancer. I will be conducting a study at the Cardiff Breast Unit at LLandough hospital in Cardiff and working on a body of drawings and paintings to exhibit at the end of this year. The show will be launched in November at the  Hearth Gallery in Llandough hospital, an exciting new gallery space that is dedicated to arts and health. I am of course delighted to have the opportunity to exhibit there.


3 thoughts on “updates and a new direction: Drawing Women’s Cancer continues…

  1. Thanks to both Kay and Jill. I am very much determined to continue this work as I have seen the positive effects it has. It is difficult at times to fund it but I will carry on to do as much as I can.

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