Drawing Women’s Cancer moving forward…

Notes- detail

I want first of all to say a huge thank you to those who have already generously responded to my respectful request in the previous post and offered to talk with me about their experiences with breast cancer. I will work with all the contributions towards a major new show which is scheduled for the whole of November 2016 at the Hearth Gallery at Llandough Hospital in Cardiff., I welcome then all those who may still be thinking about getting in touch.

My aim as always in this this project is to prioritise the unique individual and therefore wherever I can I will travel to work with you face-to-face.

To this end, I have put up a Just Giving page which can be found here:


This is a very new (and indeed quite scary!) thing for me to do but, as I have noted on the page:

for the majority of the work I have been self-funded, and the work has taken place within the Wales area. Now I would like to expand the project to include breast cancer and take the work beyond Wales. I am totally committed to the Drawing Women’s Cancer project and from the responses and feedback I have received since the very beginning I am convinced of the necessity to continue developing the work.

Already though after only a few hours I have received some donations so I am humbly appreciative of the support out there for my work.




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