work in progress

Here are images (details) of paintings in progress. Both canvases are roughly 1.5m square. Lots of work still to do but I feel as if I am getting somewhere. As I work I find myself getting ‘lost’ in the feelings and emotions that necessarily surround my whole experience of being allowed into the world of the women I am representing here. It is however a positive feeling… It reflects my long held belief that in order to really understand my way home I do need to lose myself! This move I have made into making images of real individuals rather than simply ‘constructs’ is deeply affecting and it has opened up a whole new perspective on my practice as a whole. It is a positive move I think -in this case at least. I have not abandoned the idea that referencing the subjective through personhood doesn’t necessarily entail referring the individual person, but here I think the personal in general becomes very powerful through the specific. 

Next week I will be spending two days on the breast cancer ward at Llandough hospital in Cardiff. I will be making visual and written notes about the daily life on the ward and talking with patients and staff who are willing to be involved in the project. The work I do on the ward will provide reference for larger drawings back in the studio.

More on this in a later post.


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