New page for 2016 exhibition!

Here it is then – a new page on the site dedicated to the Breast cancer: a creative intervention exhibition. If you click on the link above you will find all the work and the texts that made up the show.

Keep scrolling as there is a lot to see…particularly poignant I think are the patient quotes, and the poems that one lady, Jean S., has generously allowed me to publish.

Please feel free to leave some feedback/comments/thoughts on what you see as this is so very useful to me in terms of continuing the work I do.

The launch night was a huge success, more than seventy people turned out and there was a lot of emotion in the room. The Hearth Gallery at Llandough Hospital itself looked stunning (such a wonderful space that it is) and our harpist who was kind enough to play all evening was very much appreciated by all. The Lord Mayor of Cardiff officially opened the exhibition. We have some very powerful feedback/comments in the guest book. The exhibition runs until December 7th so there is still plenty of time to see it if you are able.

My thanks to all concerned with getting this project to this point… the encouragement I have received from so many in the amazing reception of the work is so very much appreciated. But this is still the beginning – there is still so much more to do…….



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