Here is just a small selection of the many comments and feedback given by visitors to the Breast Cancer; a creative intervention exhibition. I am really delighted that it has been such a success in terms of allowing people to opportunity to reflect on how they understand breast cancer and the experience of those who have gone or are going through it.

For an online version of the exhibition please click on the related page here on this site.

(I am currently working on a new project that relates to the experience of  living with a cancer diagnosis. Cancer Ward 12 will culminate in a further exhibition in June 2017.)


“It made me cry. My sister has had breast cancer and though we talk a lot, this made me really understand what she has been through.”

“Very moving work, captures the positivity, care,determination and talent of this hospital”

“Wonderful exhibition, many of the comments are relevant to other cancer diagnosies. It has helped me to understand what my step son went through.”

“A beautiful exhibition and I also love the writing.”

“Very moving, superbly thought out, also very accurate. I lost my mum to breast cancer in 2014.”

“Loved the gentleness.”

“Powerful. A real glimpse into this journey.”

“Beautiful and uplifting work.”

“Amazing brilliant work which powerfully communicates the cancer journey and what in reality this means for a person. Well done and thanks.”


2 thoughts on “feedback

  1. Hi Jac – great to meet you and experience your really beautiful exhibition – so insightful, emotional, personable, fascinating and gently engaging in so many people’s experiences that at times were quite horrifying. I was very moved. Always enjoy reading your posts and seeing what you are up to next. See you the next time I make it to Wales from Sweden 🙂

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