new exhibition page for the Cancer Ward 12 project!

So, the Cancer Ward 12 Exhibition at the Dynevor Centre Gallery is now closed but you can see it on the new exhibition page on my other project site

Once there just click the appropriate heading on the page menu and do scroll down as there is  lot to see!

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The exhibition might be over but the work continues. I am currently putting together a publication based on the project which will be available in e-book and print format. More on that very soon.

I hope that you enjoy the page and that it provides some feel of the physical exhibition. Please do send comments/feedback either by posting here or contact me directly:   All such feedback really helps in progressing and developing my work.


official invitation to all

Here is the invitation to the Cancer Ward 12 exhibition. It will be open through till July 7th and all are welcome to the ‘official’ opening night, Tuesday June 27th 5-7pm. I would like to express my gratitude to the Dynevor Centre, Swansea College of Art, ABMU, and the organisers of the International Storytelling for Health Conference.

Cancer Ward 12 invite front-page-001Cancer ward invite back-page-001

a talk on the Breast Cancer project

This is just to let you know that I am delighted to have been invited to give a talk about my work on Breast Cancer: a creative intervention at the Breastfriends Cardiff and Vale, Breast Cancer Support Group’s Spring Social Evening on Friday 21st April, 7pm -9pm, at Canolfan Centre, Rhiwbina, CF14 6LX

I am assured that these meetings are open to all and the emphasis is on keeping it ‘light entertaining and inspirational’ so if any of you are in the area and would like to attend you would be very welcome.




a polite request

To all my much appreciated followers and supporters of the work towards expressing and articulating patient the lived experience of illness through art. This is an unusual thing for me to do and I hope that you will understand the reasons. So…here goes!

Artes Mundi is an internationally focused arts organisation that identifies, recognises and supports contemporary visual artists who engage with the human condition, social reality and lived experience.

Founded in 2002 by Welsh artist William Wilkins, Artes Mundi is best known for its biennial international Exhibition and Prize which takes place in Cardiff. The exhibition is Wales’ biggest and most exciting contemporary visual art show. One of the shortlisted artists is awarded the prize of £40,000, the largest art prize in the UK and one of the most significant in the world.

Here is my respectful request:

Artists must be nominated for the prize and for Artes Mundi 8 all nominations must be submitted by 17:00 GMT on 15th May 2017. I am hoping that someone may able to nominate me for the work that I do. It goes without saying I think that were I to be shortlisted it would be excellent in terms of getting my work seen more and thus help the cause and indeed, were I to actually win the prize money would be of huge advantage in continuing and expanding the scope of my work.

If you feel you can help please follow this link to nominate me:

With grateful thanks




Here is just a small selection of the many comments and feedback given by visitors to the Breast Cancer; a creative intervention exhibition. I am really delighted that it has been such a success in terms of allowing people to opportunity to reflect on how they understand breast cancer and the experience of those who have gone or are going through it.

For an online version of the exhibition please click on the related page here on this site.

(I am currently working on a new project that relates to the experience of  living with a cancer diagnosis. Cancer Ward 12 will culminate in a further exhibition in June 2017.)


“It made me cry. My sister has had breast cancer and though we talk a lot, this made me really understand what she has been through.”

“Very moving work, captures the positivity, care,determination and talent of this hospital”

“Wonderful exhibition, many of the comments are relevant to other cancer diagnosies. It has helped me to understand what my step son went through.”

“A beautiful exhibition and I also love the writing.”

“Very moving, superbly thought out, also very accurate. I lost my mum to breast cancer in 2014.”

“Loved the gentleness.”

“Powerful. A real glimpse into this journey.”

“Beautiful and uplifting work.”

“Amazing brilliant work which powerfully communicates the cancer journey and what in reality this means for a person. Well done and thanks.”

New page for 2016 exhibition!

Here it is then – a new page on the site dedicated to the Breast cancer: a creative intervention exhibition. If you click on the link above you will find all the work and the texts that made up the show.

Keep scrolling as there is a lot to see…particularly poignant I think are the patient quotes, and the poems that one lady, Jean S., has generously allowed me to publish.

Please feel free to leave some feedback/comments/thoughts on what you see as this is so very useful to me in terms of continuing the work I do.

The launch night was a huge success, more than seventy people turned out and there was a lot of emotion in the room. The Hearth Gallery at Llandough Hospital itself looked stunning (such a wonderful space that it is) and our harpist who was kind enough to play all evening was very much appreciated by all. The Lord Mayor of Cardiff officially opened the exhibition. We have some very powerful feedback/comments in the guest book. The exhibition runs until December 7th so there is still plenty of time to see it if you are able.

My thanks to all concerned with getting this project to this point… the encouragement I have received from so many in the amazing reception of the work is so very much appreciated. But this is still the beginning – there is still so much more to do…….


Thank You!

On the day of the official launch of the Breast Cancer:a creative intervention exhibition I want to express a  heartfelt THANK YOU to all those who have contributed to the project in many different ways. It could not have been realised without you.


I hope to see many of you there tonight but for those who are unable to come please watch this space for images of the event and of the work on show.

For the time being here is the text that I think epitomises the whole thing:

This project…is about experience – the profound human experience of negotiating the physical and emotional balance between sickness and health.

This project…is an initiative developed through a unique collaboration between an artist and medical science to address, through art, the reality of experience when the subtle balance of life is tipped by the onset of disease.

This project… is about the lives of women who have suffered, are still suffering and are yet to suffer the impact of cancer. It is not so much about the disease itself, the etiological world of causes and symptoms, or the biomedical intervention that is the treatment regime; it is more about what it feels like when all sense of normality, and all the expectations of a future that accompany good health, suddenly become submerged in degrees of suffering that impact both on the individual, and on the people who care for and about her.                                                                                                                                                              

This project…is about the experience of illness, where that experience overrides all others. It is about creating a language that has the power to speak, not necessarily for the women whose personal stories are taken as the basis for what is shown here, but rather because of them.

This project…is because there is a need for all women who have suffered, or are yet suffering, to be heard.